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IBAM 2024

International Buttocks Anatomy Masterclass

Verona, Italy
ICLO Teaching and Research Center

Friday, October 19, 2024



Andrea Margara 
Course Director 

"I am very excited to present the International Buttocks Anatomy Masterclass.

This unique educational event combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience, offering a deep dive into the latest advancements in the field of gluteal aesthetics. Our international faculty of experts will guide you through a transformative learning experience, providing a solid foundation for mastering the art of gluteal enhancement.

On the first day of the masterclass, participants will delve into the theoretical aspects of gluteal anatomy, understanding the intricate structures and principles that underpin the art of gluteal aesthetics. Our renowned experts will cover a range of topics, including gluteal anatomy, patient assessment, aesthetic principles and procedure selection.

The second day of the masterclass offers participants a unique opportunity for hands-on experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Each group of three participants will work on a cadaver specimen, specially prepared with injected arteries and veins, under the guidance of our international faculty. This practical session will include cadaver dissection, injection techniques, surgical procedures and complication management.

Join us in this transformative educational journey and unlock the secrets to mastering the art of gluteal aesthetics."


Course director


Scientific Secretary



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Event MedTech approved


ICLO Teaching and research Center

ICLO Verona's Teaching & Research Centre is a premier facility dedicated to advancing practical training and research in the field of hands-on medicine and surgery.

ICLO provides a conducive learning environment with 42 working stations, complemented by briefing and changing rooms and cutting-edge technological equipment.
ICLO offers the largest selection of fresh frozen anatomical specimens, meticulously curated to enhance the learning experience. 


Hotel Giberti ****

It is possible to request a hotel reservation through our Partner Hotel HOTEL GIBERTI 

It is required to fill out the form and send it to: 


Hotel Giberti existing since 1980 is definitely  a hotel of great prestige for the elegance of the settings and refined details. Located in a strategic central location, easily accessible by car and with direct access to owned garages the Hotel is situated only 500 meters  from  Arena and from the railway station.

Via Gian Mattero Giberti 7, 37122 Verona (VR), Italy
+39 0458006900

IBAM 2024

International Buttocks

Anatomy Masterclass

will be held on October 19, 2024

at ICLO Teaching and Research Center in Verona, Italy 

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